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At Sierra Tutoring, our goal is to provide affordable, effective tutoring for all students. Our tutors are top of the line, not only knowing the material they tutor, but knowing how to effectively present the material they tutor in an understanding fashion.
All of our Reno & Sparks tutors are put through a testing process prior to being hired, so any tutor sent to you will be of the highest quality.

Update- Sierra Tutoring is no longer setting up new appointments directly through our company. You may contact your previous tutor and continue using them directly if you would like. Otherwise, please click here to search local Reno Tutors and get a $20 coupon off local tutoring services from our affiliated tutoring company.

Reno Tutoring Company Nevada based

Tutoring Services in Reno and Sparks

Do you or your kids need a reliable tutoring service in Reno or Sparks, Nevada? Struggling with math, English, science, geography, political science, government, or history? We are here to help, with any subject, for any grade, K-12.
We also offer tutor services for AP test preparation, ACT test preparation, and SAT test preparation. Sign up for our classes so you can get a GREAT score!

Today, the pressure on students has gone to a whole new level. Competition has become extremely intense!

Due to increasing number of applicants every year the selection criteria of colleges is becoming more and more stringent. Even a small difference in performance can cost a student a lot. A lot of money, a lot of time, and even the chance at a getting a good paying job upon graduation.

The sizes of classrooms are increasing and the pressure to excel in various fields other than studies is making attaining academic goals very difficult. And this why, students are turning towards tutoring services.

Sometimes a class does not prove sufficient enough for understanding a subject, maybe because of limited resources, not enough teacher student interaction, high class strength etc. Info on private tutors here

Tutoring can provide a student with a dedicated session at a suitable time and required resources can help overcome pain points. The different types of tutoring that a student can undertake are:

More info on Reno Tutoring Services:

Private One-to-One tutoring: This service is a more effective tutoring style if the student is really struggling with a subject or if he has a different learning style. This is one to one assistance in the subject or topic of your concern, at a time that is comfortable with you and at a place which suits you, such as your own home. Though this is an expensive style of tutoring, it is much more beneficial if you are struggling with a hard subject. You can have a dedicated tutor addressing each and every problem that you encounter and teach you at your own learning pace.

Student - student tutoring: This type of tutoring is pretty common and is usually an after school, extracurricular activity where students who have a good grasp of the subject sign up to help other students. It usually does not require fees and is suitable for you if you feel comfortable in receiving instruction from a fellow student.

Online tutoring: This is a recent trend in tutoring services. Things like Youtube videos, and online courses really increase the free knowledge available at the click of a button. It has become popular mainly because of the ease of access and unlimited styles of tutoring which the student can pick up as per his requirement, time and comfort. For any subject that you need help with, you can search online for instructional videos which provide you with knowledge ranging from basic introductions to advanced concepts. You have the flexibility to choose whatever option suits you the most. Be careful though, this can actually get pretty expensive with some of the course options available online. You can give us a call if you'd like to discuss more as well: 775-233-9298. Other modes of online tutoring include interactive educational games, private tutoring and more.

Group tutoring: This type of tutoring is good for those students who are looking for an overview of the subject matter rather than trying to understand it in depth. It is suitable if you need to review an entire course before an important exam or test. This tutoring style has an instructor and a small group of students. The instructor teaches the entire group at the same time. Unlike normal classrooms the size of the group in group tutoring is much smaller. One downside of group tutoring sessions is having a time slot that is not as flexible, because it has to be convenient for the entire group.

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Reno Tutoring Company Nevada based
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